Q: Are the tie-downs included?

A: yes the leather tie-downs for both sides are included with the purchase.

Q: Do you have other gun models?

A: Yes we carry other models and sometimes cross reference them with the ones we have, so please inquire.

Q: What size is the harness?

A: Harness is adjustable up to chest size 52"

Q: Are your products Real Leather.

A: Yes our product are made out of 100% Cowhide (straps, holster, mag holder, etc.)

Q: Is the holster lined?

A: Even though some manufacturers do suede lining inside the holsters we do not. That also allows them to use thinner leather for       the holster.

Q: What is the Right Hand Mean for a Shoulder Holster?

A: Right Hand for a Shoulder Holster Means; the gun sits under your left arm pit for a right hand draw.

Q: Why is my holster too tight for my gun?

A: After initial cutting and sewing of the holsters, they are soaked and shaped for the specific models they are designated for.             Following the molding process they are left to dry. If they are not being used after the molding, they will shrink. As you use it,         you will break it in.

Q: Can I stretch my holster?

A: If you feel that it is too tight then, you can wet the inside of the holster, put your gun in a plastic bag (to prevent from moisture       and give it an extra room to stretch), and put your gun into the holster. Place the holster while the gun is inserted, into a                 refrigerator and have it sit for few hours. This will help the leather to stretch and retain its shape.

Q: I have a faulty snap?

A: If you have just received your item and there is a problem with one of the snaps, please contact us immediately and we will take     care of it right away. 

Q: I have lost my shoulder holster screw?

A: We are offering replacement screw sets for the shoulder holster rigs.